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Use a tool such as a pendulum to access information from the spiritual realm 122.

Study tarot cards, get a reading or give a reading 119. Dabble in ESP (extrasensory perception), dowsing, or divination 121.

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Associate with disfellowshipped persons except for immediate family living in the same house 141. Jehovah’s Witnesses report friends and family members breaking the rules Five More Things Jehovah’s Witnesses Can’t Do. Women cannot assume the role of a male and instruct the congregation. A woman should not pray in the presence of a baptized male JW. In fact all the churches were comparing on this blog have leaders who are made up of all men!

Study psychology, philosophy, sociology, and viewpoints that might shake their faith 51.

Dating someone without the intent of getting married 58. Breaking an engagement, separation, and ‘unscriptural’ divorce may result in disciplinary action 60.

Celebrate any holiday except the death of Jesus – Why? Partake in the bread and wine that represents Christ unless they are part of the 144,000 88. Use of bad language (curse words) is discouraged 96. Wear revealing clothes or skirts that are too short (looked down upon) 99. State or imply that the Watchtower is not run by Jehovah God. Have discussions and express Bible based viewpoints that contradict the organization’s beliefs 104. JW’s must ‘speak in agreement’ and be ‘like-minded’. Consider other religious beliefs as valid and truthful. Acknowledge any prayer spoken by a non believer as valid 107.

Attend social events or fund raisers sponsored by another church 95.

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